You Are What You Think

Impacting the thought stage.

The first step to taking back control is recognizing that a thought has happened. That may sound banal, but the trick is to catch automatic thoughts as quickly as possible before the emotion and physical reactions have set in, or despite the fact that the emotion and physical reactions have already set in. Once you catch them, you can work through what you believe to be true and think through the alternatives.

  1. Imagine you are turning the thoughts off, like switching the TV station or clicking to another song. Decide to think about something else.
  2. Imagine you are putting away the thoughts in a chest of drawers. Watch yourself setting them down there and decide to come back to them when you are rested and ready to work through the problem again.
  3. Imagine putting your thought into a boat drifting down the river. You are on the shore. You don’t need to follow the thought down the river — you can let it float away.

Impacting the emotion stage.

Moving on to emotions. It all starts with, guess what: recognizing the emotion. Recognize that you are feeling something strong and put a name on it. It’s important.

Impacting the physical stage.

The next stage is the physical. Your body reacts to thoughts and emotions. Become aware of when your body is impacted physically by your emotions.



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