Work is the Key to Freedom and Independence

By: Pichi Bellingrath McClure

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You need to step up to the plate to discover your god-given aptitudes and skills, so you can find joy in your work and translate that into well-earned money. These keys unlock your potential to gain freedom and independence in your life.

You take charge of yourself by not relying on someone else to support you. You are in charge of fulfilling your own wants, needs, and desires without betraying yourself. You, instead, spin the wheels of independence and freedom. By making your own money and respecting it by being responsible, you become the sole creator of your joyous life.

When someone comes and supposedly “rescues” you, you might not notice the harmful damage it does in the immediate, but in the long-term, you come to realize how damaging it is. By not making your own money, you become co-dependent.

A co-dependent relationship is when one partner needs the other partner, who in return, needs to be needed. So, the person who does not work and makes no money of their own, becomes the co-dependent and slowly scarifies themselves for whomever they want to please — the person who has the money.

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For example, the person who has the money might sway the co-dependent person to buy the car they want. By doing so, the rescuer subtly, or not so subtly, discounts the co-dependent person’s independence and freedom to buy the car they want.

Dealing with co-dependent relationships and their inequity extends far beyond car purchasing. The arms of inequity are so dysfunctional they strangle, not only the financial aspect of the relationship, but the entire relationship.

Making your own money is the only way to untangle yourself from this unhealthy situation, and moreover, not to get yourself in this position ever again. The skill of making money requires you to first step back and examine your old aptitudes and skills; then create money by developing your aptitudes and skills.

You, then, will fulfill your uniqueness, from which personal independence flourishes. Moreover, when receiving money for your special skills, your professional power accelerates. By this very fact, work will be rewarding, because you will garner more equitable, healthy, and independent relationships.

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The beauty of work is that you get to know yourself in a special way: You gain self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-confidence, gritty resilience, and passion. Another benefit is making money.

No need to be a zillionaire. There are three keys to making and preserving money. First, you need to be passionate about your work — based on your talents — for it’s the money-making vehicle. Second, save more than you spend. Third, become financially literate so you can make your money grow and work for you.

The three things listed above lead you away from co-dependent relationships and from unfulfilling jobs. Be respectful of your money. It will give you joy, success, independence, and freedom in all areas of your life.

Happiness is not mentioned, because there is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a state where all things seem good, but that condition can waver and change. Joy is a state of pleasure that is more profound and that does not change. Happiness is ephemeral; joy is not.

For example, learning the steps of independent living and freedom does not guarantee happiness. You might get fired, and you definitely will pay taxes. Though you may have a bad day, no one can take away your own ongoing explorations, or your power to share that gain for the betterment of the world. This is joy.

By allowing yourself this pleasure, you allow others to do the same. Joy’s attainment is one of life’s wondrous secrets.

Work sets you free. Empower yourself. Emancipate yourself from the chains of co-dependence and from unfulfilling occupations. Take charge. Live the life that you were meant to live.

Making money through work is not something to be trepidatious about, but to be embraced. Celebrate the journey of exploration of self, work, money, and its relationship to success with regards to independence, freedom, and joy.

You will encounter cross-winds as you execute your goals. Discipline and self-mastery are the keys to success and peace of mind. Peace of mind brings joy, giving a clarity to see how your part in the world is not small, but large. Work empowers you, and encourages others; they, in turn, empower the world. This interconnection can only be expressed through work.

Work, money, and self-discovery are entwined; they are the vehicle for your independence, freedom, joy, and peace of mind. Work and money ultimately allow you to reach for the moon, launching you to become the best version of yourself.

Share your gifts to enrich the world during your time here. Shine. Your glorious impact will be unleashed onto the world. In short, the world will be better for you being here.

It takes work. Resolve. Faith.

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Pichi Bellingrath McClure is a life coach and public speaker who specializes in helping people with mental illness. She helps people use their emotions in a constructive manner so as to optimize their lives.

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