Why Fashion Can Be a Passion and a Pivot for Women Over 40

It’s never too late.

Your network as foundation.

Things did not have to be perfect for me to start my business. She was right. I started with an idea, then a name, then a logo and a business card and a few pieces of product. A few dresses turned into a collection.

Networking is so important, and especially when trying to make a career change.

Find your why and a support system.

In their shoes.

There is no ‘perfect’ time to start a business. If something does not work, pivot. Find like-minded people, share ideas, collaborate, try to make a difference, take care of yourself, which is hard when you start a business, and have fun.

I had already changed careers once before, so I knew what was possible and what I was capable of.

I could do anything I wanted to do, and age didn’t matter.



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