Why Fashion Can Be a Passion and a Pivot for Women Over 40

It’s never too late.

It’s an age-old saying, but these women are living proof and part of a growing trend of entrepreneurs who are taking a leap of faith into starting their own businesses after a long career. Embarking on a runway toward entrepreneurship later in life, these women prove that diversity in age and experience never goes out of style.

Your network as foundation.

In her late 40s, Namita Penugonda-Reddy left her fifteen-year career at an architectural firm in Washington, DC to start an upcycled sari business in Philadelphia. Inspired to preserve her culture and the art form of the sari, Namita followed her dream and the advice of her executive coach.

Find your why and a support system.

Not ready to hang up their hats after a setback, these women are seeking ways to grow their businesses. Sherrill Mosee, founder of Philadelphia-based MinkeeBlue, put her intuition and education to work after being laid off.

In their shoes.

Empathy has become the buzzword in business, but some business owners are building their businesses from it. Nancy Connor founded Smart Adaptive Clothing in her 50s, after watching caregivers struggle to dress her father in clothing instead of sweats.



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