What You Need to Know Before You Partner with a Marketing Agency

Plan on paper vs. Plan in action.

It’s not uncommon for a marketing agency to have all the answers “on paper” and still fail to deliver the solutions that a specific team needs at a specific point in time. Yes, the agency may help solve the surface-level marketing issues at hand — but they ultimately don’t do all that much to bring a CEO’s vision to reality.

1) Stay focused on delivering value.

Most often, the reason you’re considering working with an agency revolves around an internal need. For example, a lack of:

  • Manpower and other resources.
  • Knowledge, expertise, or ability.
  • Focus or direction.

2) Map your organizational vision to your marketing goals.

Before you even start looking for a marketing agency to work with, it’s crucial to clarify two things within your organization.

  • How are you currently struggling to communicate your value to prospects?
  • How will you differentiate your brand value from the competition?
  • In meeting your marketing goals, what’s the impact on your P&L?
  • How much time and resources do you have to let marketing do the job you’ve hired it to do?
  • How will this allow you to accomplish your overall business goals?
  • The most productive audience segmentation, so you can determine the right messaging and channels to reach them.
  • How you aim to position your organization within your industry.
  • The value you’re looking to add to the broader community as a whole.

3) Align agency strengths with your most pressing needs.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an agency that truly is a master of all areas of marketing, and that serves companies of all shapes and sizes. That said, you’ll need to focus on identifying the agency that’s expertly prepared to build out specific tactics that you’ve predetermined to align with your growth strategies.

4) Be cautious about referrals.

Referrals drive the connections we make. A great referral gets you over the hurdles of trust and integrity.

5) Be realistic about what you can do now (and what can wait).

In an ideal scenario, your team would be able to be wherever your customers need, with whatever content, offer, or experience they need to progress in their journey with your brand. This is very rarely a reality. Even when partnering with an agency (or multiple agencies), your team likely won’t be able to do it all.

Build your marketing strategy before you hire an agency.

The right marketing agency certainly can help bring your company to new heights.



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