What Do You Do Brilliantly?

  • ​List the top ten ways that you are brilliant.
    ​Create a list — at least ten items — of the things you do brilliantly. It can be anything, but try to be as specific as possible. “I’m good writer” is NOT something you do brilliantly. What’s the brilliant part of that? Maybe it’s that you are incredible at touching people’s emotions through the written word or that you are able to clearly convey complex technical information to non-techies. See how these are more exact than “I’m a good writer?”
  • Reading self-help books and determining if anything in them is useful
  • Taking what’s useful from many sources and turning that info into quick tools
  • Facilitating a meeting so that everyone is heard and people actually get something done
  • Hearing the emotions and intentions that are underneath spoken and unspoken words
  • Ask a coworker or even your boss what they think you do brilliantly.
  • Think about the kinds of projects you enjoy. What is it that you do to make them happen? What skills are you using?
  • Think about a past achievement you are proud of. What skills did you use?
  • Take the Strengths Finder Test to learn your top 5 or all 34 of your strengths.




A community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed.

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Ellevate Network

Ellevate Network

A community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed.

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