Three Things You Must Do To Get Diversity Right

1) Assign mentors to new members of your team, especially those in minority positions.

When Nilanjana Dasgupta from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst conducted a yearlong study of women engineering students and mentorship, she found that those students with women mentors were, as Ed Song reports in The Atlantic:

2) State and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.

A team can only operate at peak performance if each of its team members are enabled to be their best. Harassment blatantly undermines individual — and thus organizational — potential. It’s also illegal, but you already know that.

3) Tell stories including all members of your team.

This may be one of the most powerful and under-considered ways to make diversity work. Consider the stories you tell in your organization, whether they are told through verbal presentations, written communications, or photos hanging on the walls.



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