Three Benefits of Coaching for Those New to the Startup World

By: Greta Anderson

In a broad array of areas, most of us tend not to think twice about procuring the services of a certified professional advisor to help us achieve our desired next level of outcome. From achieving one’s desired fitness goals to better managing financial resources in ensuring a more secure future, most of us are pretty adept at understanding the value of sage counsel in helping us advance. Simply put, coaching matters.

Before we get into details, let’s take a step back and define the word coach. A coach is someone who has expertise in a subject matter in which you may be less knowledgeable, proficient, or experienced, and as such need more support.

For those new to the world of creating and growing a startup business enterprise, an important thing to remember is that an effective coach should possess varied experience accrued through invaluable lessons throughout their lives, along with a passion for inspiring others. Not to be confused with friendly advice, coaching engagements with certified and professional business coaches have structure, deliverables, and a price tag for the expertise being provided.

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It’s critically important to understand the role of a business coach, along with what you should expect from an investment in a coaching engagement and its potential benefits. We’ll discuss three key benefits that a high-quality business coach offers to a client throughout the business-building process en route to long-term success.

High-quality business coaches…

Are expert business guides.

A seasoned business coach serves as your expert business guide as you chart your own path to business ownership and navigate this journey. Most high-quality business coaches will have a proven track record of experience in both establishing successful businesses and partnering with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Just like an adventurous hiking journey, the path to building a scalable and profitable small business enterprise can be challenging and fraught with unexpected occurrences. In all likelihood, you wouldn’t go on the hike without a trail guide (or at least a map or GPS), so why traverse the mountains of business-building without a guide?

Ignite growth in innovative ways.

A high-quality business coach will have expert-level experience in asking the not-so obvious and uncomfortable questions that you may not even think to consider. These tough questions are an important part of your personal and professional growth, as they will help you address and develop key strategies to achieve your goals. Keep in mind, one size does not fit all, and the same holds true when it comes to coaching. It is vitally important that you put in the effort and time to find a coach that will inspire you to grow, and one that will be a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish with your nano-business endeavors.

Are natural relationship-builders.

Top-shelf business coaches are exemplary at building relationships, and in turn are skilled at helping their clients expand their networks. In many ways, some of the best coaches are “natural connectors” — they seldom lack ideas for utilizing their extensive network in ways helpful to their clients. The coach may not know everyone, but top-shelf coaches excel at identifying necessary connections and making introductions. From strategic partners to vendors to potential customers, seasoned business coaches have a real knack for identifying potentially synergistic opportunities. This is one of the most valuable benefits of a coaching relationship.

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Coaching arrangements can vary in approach, style, and format. While identifying a business coach for yourself, it’s essential that you go through a deliberative process to make the right selection for you. This selection can play a critical role in the speed, pace, and certainty of your success as a business-builder, so it’s worth substantial consideration to ensure synergy. Here are a few basic questions to ask:

  • Will coaching sessions be held in person, via phone, or via video conference? For some clients, the meeting modality does not matter. For others, face-to-face meetings might be an essential need for them as part of the coaching relationship. As you explore your options, give consideration to your needs and preferences in this regard.
  • Can the potential coach configure engagement to accommodate your learning style? While some individuals may be unaware or indifferent to their own learning style(s), the manner in which information is delivered can be a big deal for others. From kinesthetic to auditory to visual, a high-quality business coach will be adept at shaping the engagement to maximize your ability to absorb information.
  • What is the communication structure between coach and client? A solid coaching engagement will be rooted in an agreed-upon schedule of communication and deliverables. While some business coaches have more liberal policies regarding contact and communication with clients, others place more defined structure around this variable. With that said, it is important to self-assess and determine your needs as a client to ensure that you find a proper coaching fit in this regard.

High-quality coaches are more than happy to have open discussions with you regarding their processes and custom coaching engagements, and may even allow you to sit in on a coaching session to see them in action. Take the time to explore and identify the best coach for you. When you find the right one for you, this person will become an integral member of your team of experts that will ultimately help propel you to business success!

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Greta Anderson is a strategist, serial entrepreneur, and educator with 15 years experience in building profitable and scalable startup business enterprises. She is author of The NanoConglomerate(TM): Proven Strategies for Creating Your Own Profitable & Scalable Startup Business Enterprise. As an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional, @DrGretaGolf is a passionate industry thought-leader and advocate for growing the game of golf among girls and women.

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