The Five Secrets to Practicing Self-Care

1) Make time to focus on the now.

You’re busy. You have a lot on your plate. You’re a good person who wants to help everyone else. You feel stressed and exhausted, but tell yourself you can catch up on rest later.

2) Stress is like caffeine, it needs to be managed carefully.

In my years working as a primary care physician, I saw many patients who came in for their annual physical because they had to “check it off” their list. They were constantly busy, going from one thing to the next, never taking a moment to pause.

3) Prioritize your own well-being in order to take care of others.

It’s tempting to defer self-care because you’ve been doing fine. Or maybe you feel guilty taking time away from your family. I always remind people that we all have a threshold and everyone’s level is different. You may have been doing fine for fourteen years, but at some point, something has to give.

4) Practice self-care, your way.

Self-care looks different for everyone and the most important thing is that it works for you, whether it’s taking a leisurely stroll after dinner or enjoying your coffee quietly in the morning before checking your email or social media.

5) Be your own best friend and have your own back.

When you believe in yourself and have your own back, you are taking care of yourself. When you are confident and trust your own abilities, you know you can handle anything and create your own calm in any circumstances. When you realize that true validation comes from within, you will live a richer life, because everything you do is because you get to and want to, not because you have to.



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