The Corona State of Healthcare

1) This virus is not widely understood — there is no cure (yet).

The best scientists are working on grasping the virus and how it manifests in order to mitigate the impacts. However, it continues to surprise us.

2) The impacts on healthcare systems and providers are multi-faceted.

Immediately with the outbreak of the virus, healthcare systems and providers were faced with the double whammy of having to care for a very sick, high-intensity patients and having to shut down a large portion of their traditional business. This created a financial crunch for all providers.

3) COVID-19 will change the delivery of healthcare permanently.

Before COVID, the healthcare industry was in the process of shifting toward community wellness and population health, while still economically dependent on expensive, invasive procedures and treatments.

4) Our mental health and wellbeing has become a priority.

As everyone has experienced significant impacts from this pandemic, we have been forced to address our overall health and mental health needs head-on. Whether it be a job loss, income loss, working remotely, or home schooling, these are all significant stresses and a change in the way we live.



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