The #1 Way to Self-Lead Fear

Face it to free it.

Curate a new fear habit and a new fear language to support it. This begins with your commitment to grab control of your fears back. You can be led by fear or choose to lead your fears. Which do you think will get you the results that you seek?

Anticipate difficult situations before they happen.

What is the worst thing that could happen? Reverse engineer from there. Make a list of the negative possibilities so that you can rewrite your story. Recite your list out loud and then toss it out.

Shut down the enemy within.

Replace negative self-talk and zapped energy with kinder, more inspiring affirmatives. You deserve the same respect and care that you afford to others. Nurturing yourself is not the afterthought you may be making it, but rather it is the foundation of the relationships you have with others.

24-hour it.

Fear comes alive in the past and in the future. Today is your sweet spot for being an effective fear architect. When stuck or holding yourself back, release the fear and let go of what is triggering your response by asking yourself a simple question:



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