Ten Fears Keeping You From Achieving The Career Of Your Dreams

By: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Several years ago, I worked with a very talented media professional who wanted a career change. But she had a senior role and bristled at starting over again. She was the breadwinner for her household and worried about imposing on her family. She was already overworked at her job and couldn’t fathom the additional work required to bring about significant change. Frankly, she worried that the change she thought she wanted and needed might turn out to be worse than where she was. So we worked together on a plan to get going, but she never implemented it.

Her story is actually pretty common with aspiring career changers I’ve met who dream big but don’t execute. A lot of what holds people back is fear. The media client above had fears of starting over, of disappointing her family, of the struggles ahead, and possibly regretting the change.

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What fears are holding you back from achieving the career of your dreams? The best first step in moving past fear is to name your fear and confront it. Are one of these ten fears keeping you from achieving the career of your dreams?

Fear of failure

Fear of loss

Fear of embarrassment

Fear of disappointment

Fear of the unknown

Fear of struggle

Fear of change

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Fear of starting over

Fear of not being enough

Fear of regret

Use the above list to clarify and name your fear or fears. Play out the worst-case scenario for each one so you feel the fear and live with it, even just for a few minutes. Get to know your fear, and get comfortable with it emotionally.

As you learn more about your fear, see if you can take steps to minimize or eliminate any tangible downsides. For example, if you fear a financial loss, build a savings fund specifically earmarked for your dream.

Finally, find a motivation bigger than the fear. I’ve made multiple career changes — from arts to business, from employee to entrepreneur, from big company to start-up. I used fear to quell my other fears! I looked at the fear of regret, in my case regret of not making a change, and I used that as my motivation past the other fears. You might use a compelling vision or a powerful why as your motivation. Find something that encourages you to move forward more than the fear keeps you staying behind. Let me know when you achieve the career of your dreams!

Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a career and business expert who has launched several companies and writes a weekly column for Forbes (where this post originally appeared). Her latest venture is CostaRicaFIRE.com.

Originally published at www.ellevatenetwork.com.

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