By: Jamie Martin





Are these words you can relate to lately?

You’ve noticed more and more moments where you just can’t seem to get going on your to-do list. You sit in front of your computer and it just won’t come into focus. You can’t seem to get moving on anything that you need to do. You can’t even seem to get moving on the things you want to do.

You’ve found yourself in a funk.

Welcome to the club!

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More and more of us are experiencing a collective pandemic funk. I’m hearing it from most people that I’m interacting with these days. It’s the collective sigh of being ready for winter to be over, ready to connect with new people in-person again, and ready to not hear the word “pandemic” for a very long time (or ever again).

It’s a collective feeling of being stuck in place and unable to move forward. It’s the collective feeling of pasting on a happy face, but feeling just as cloudy as the weather outside.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can step out of the funk. You can bring back joy. You can reignite your life.

And what better time to do it than SPRING?

You spring clean your house, right?

How about spring cleaning your mind and energy?

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Spring is a time for growth and rebirth. It’s the perfect time to shake the dust out of your life. Reimagine your life and what you want it to look like.

What does it look like you for to shake the dust out of your life?

It might look like:

  • Connecting with someone else, asking what they are up to that excites them, and sharing with them something you are excited about doing.
  • Shaking the dust off by putting on some high-energy music that you love and dancing your way out of your funk. Then sitting down and letting the music guide you toward the new vision of your life.
  • Grabbing your notebook and taking a hike out in nature. Letting the new growth of plants and trees to inspire you in seeing where life can take you over the next few months or years.
  • Attending a networking event on a topic that excites you, a topic that inspires you.

What will you do today to get yourself out of the funk?

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Jamie Martin is a life and leadership coach who helps women who have been going and going and going for so long that they feel like they’ve lost themselves. She helps her clients give themselves permission to put themselves first, create a plan, and go after their dreams.

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