Social Media is No Longer Optional for the C-Suite

Build credibility.

Approximately 40% of people surveyed in Edelman’s Trust Barometer said that they are unlikely to develop a close emotional connection to a brand unless they interact or communicate with them through social media platforms. Transparency is essential for establishing trust. If you want to build credibility in the market through social media, simply posting promotional texts and images will not suffice.

Influence investors.

Social media is having a significant impact on institutional and high net worth investors. According to surveys by Greenwich Associates and Cogent Research, almost 80% of institutional investors and 90% of high net worth investor groups use social media. About 30% of investors say information obtained through social media directly influenced an investment recommendation or decision. And as many as 70% changed relationships or reallocated investments as a result of content they’d found in the networks.

Recruit top talent.

Attracting the best employees — and keeping them — continues to be a challenge for all organizations. As a powerful medium for showcasing company culture, social media has changed the talent acquisition process. Social media is watched by potential team members; 79% of job candidates make use of social media in their job search.

Engage with other leaders.

Social media is a powerful way for CEOs to connect with other business leaders and establish complementary alliances. In addition to elevating the conversation beyond the brand, they are able to touch on social, economic, political, and personal interests. Through social media, leaders can better connect with local and national policymakers who affect their industries and shape the future.



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