ReCulture Your Workplace for Lasting Success and Satisfaction

Culture is what you do not what you have.

ReCulturing is the continuous act of redesigning, reimagining, and reconnecting behaviors, processes, and practices to the organizational system.

Culture is not an HR project.

Daimler says, ‘Culture is how work happens between people. It is every interaction that happens, every decision that is made — whether in-person or remotely. It is what we do — not what we have.’

Connect strategy and purpose to culture.

Daimler says, … ‘it’s time culture and strategy eat breakfast together, maybe even lunch and the occasional dinner.’ –referring to the earlier Peter Drucker quote.

Continuous culture evolution.

Design a culture to empower people to do their best work.

Culture is happening by design, or default, so we might as well design our culture and be intentional about having what we want for our employees.



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