ReCulture Your Workplace for Lasting Success and Satisfaction

Culture is what you do not what you have.

Employees long to have a workplace culture that provides an environment and an experience where they can make an impactful contribution and stay in a career for the foreseeable future. Daimler posits:

Culture is not an HR project.

Most culture change initiatives fail because leaders view it as a one-and-done HR project. True culture change starts with letting go of what is not serving employees and the company well. It is a continuous process with no end. It’s an ongoing co-creation that should involve employees and leaders, and always be evolving.

Connect strategy and purpose to culture.

  • Hiring: Helping prospective talent understand company values, behaviors, and culture during the interview process.
  • Onboarding: Thorough orientation, training, and immersion into the behaviors of company culture to create a sense of belonging that lasts.
  • Talent management and development: Creating a learning lab environment where individuals can achieve mastery in key areas, and ongoing professional development. This also builds a strong internal bench for succession planning and advancement opportunities.
  • Offboarding: You may not have considered how important culture, behaviors, and values are when offboarding an employee leaving your company. Savvy leaders know that employees who leave can continue to be positive brand ambassadors — or not. Stewarding relationships with alumni employees can lead to knowledge transfer, business development, and boomerang talent that returns with new and valuable experiences down the road. How an employee exits your organization matters.

Continuous culture evolution.

A commitment to ReCulturing takes intentionality of leadership. It’s not only about engagement surveys, which can be a great point of departure, but deeper dive conversations about values.

  • Values are beliefs your company stands for, and behaviors are the ways people act individually and collectively.
  • If you were to define three behaviors for each of your organizational values, what would they be?
  • When you think about behaviors you see across your organization, which are foundational, core, and aspirational?

Design a culture to empower people to do their best work.

With the job market on fire with opportunities, people have options to work in organizations that practice a culture where they can thrive. Smart leaders will look at culture as an evolution and not a checklist item to finish. Continuous improvement is at the heart of a living culture and leaders must be willing to listen regularly to what employees need and want to do their best work.



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