Put Yourself On Your To-Do List

By: Jamie Martin

Each day you are faced with a million different choices. What will you have for breakfast? What will you wear for work? What do you want to tackle first at work? What do you want to be when you grow up?

All of these choices — big and small — are what create your life.

Think about that for a moment. Each choice creates your life.

Are you choosing the life you want? Or choosing to allow other people’s priorities to rule your day?

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You might be able to quickly answer this question. You know that most of the day you spend is spent on things your spouse needs, your children need, or your boss needs.

Take a moment and pick up your to-do list. Seriously, pick it up and look at it. If you don’t have a to-do list, look at your calendar. Take a moment to reflect on everything on your list.

Where are you on your to-do list?

Where are your dreams?

Where are your goals?

Are they on there?

And no…cleaning the kitchen doesn’t count, even if you dream of having a sparkling house.

Go bigger! The dream life that has you living your fullest potential. Where is it on your list? When was the last time you gave yourself time to go after it? Have you ever allowed yourself to really go after it?

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You said no to this, eh? You have only been dreaming about that life. Wishing for it to just come to you. You know, manifest it. Feeling beaten down because your life isn’t magically appearing.

Manifesting your dreams without action is simply dreaming.

You need to create movement in your life to have your dreams come true.

But how do you finally put yourself on your to-do list?

You must first ask yourself and honestly answer:

What stops you from choosing the life you want? What truly stops you from that life?

Go deep! If your answer has you pointing the blame anywhere other than yourself, go deeper. Before you’ll ever be able to put yourself on your to-do list, let alone first on your to-do list, you need to start with what is stopping you from taking action toward your goals, your dreams.

Explore it and give yourself the permission to go beyond it. Only then will you start to create your dreams.

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Jamie Martin is a life and leadership coach who helps women who have been going and going and going for so long that they feel like they’ve lost themselves. She helps her clients give themselves permission to put themselves first, create a plan, and go after their dreams.

Originally published at https://www.ellevatenetwork.com.

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