Parenting During a Pandemic: Lessons I Learned

Compartmentalize and prioritize your needs.

I am not a morning person. I have known this about myself since I was a kid. Unfortunately for my sleep-loving self, my children love to wake up at the smallest sign of light through their windows.

Accept that “work/life balance” does not exist.

I implore you to relieve yourself of the false perception that you can achieve the elusive “work/life balance.” The chairwoman of my firm, Jami McKeon, has been quoted on several occasions as saying “work-life balance” is a myth, that it implies that your work and your life are two different things that are in conflict with each other. But the truth is, your work is part of your life, not separate.

Find your people.

Remember that senior associate who scared me and expected so much out of me? She has become my person at work. She still has high standards for me, but I’ve grown to appreciate that level of scrutiny because it’s helped me grow as an attorney and as a working mother.



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