How to Stop Feeling Like You’ve Lost Yourself

  1. When I am at a conference, it is hard to find time to do all of the other work that needs to get done, so it is constant work.
  2. I had two little ones at home whom I missed very much.

My experience with showing emotions.

I must have missed the memo that crying was okay. I cried maybe once a year since I was fifteen. I don’t say this as something to be proud of, I say this as a fact of my life. This probably stemmed from the constant reminder that it was not okay to cry:

Connecting to me allowed for healing.

I have spent the last two-and-a-half years transforming my life, spending time in meditation, healing, reading, and retreats to re-connect to a me that I felt disconnected from. I have taken a flashlight and shined it on my hurt, pain, shame, guilt, sadness, and anger.

Start rediscovering you!

If you are interested in developing a deeper self-connection or a connection to your intuition, or you just feel like you have lost yourself, let me offer a few ways to get started.

  1. Journal: Just start writing about anything. I write about all sorts of things — my feelings, my emotions, my dreams, my frustrations, my insights, my inspiration.
  2. Meditate: I meditate twice a day. Start with just 1–3 minutes a day. There are thousands of meditations on YouTube to follow along with.



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