How To Find A Job Now — Lessons from Experts and Seven Women Who Did

1) A positive sales professional in a difficult industry.

Dorothy worked for a company connected to the live entertainment industry. The majority of the employees were furloughed due to the pandemic.

2) A director who was open to new opportunities.

Lana was a director at a financial institution. She noticed that there were some changes going on, so even though she was not actively looking for a change, she decided to update her LinkedIn profile to allow recruiters to find her. In March, a recruiter contacted her and said they wanted to talk to her. Her response was:

3) An enthusiastic networker in a new city.

Jaclyn had recently moved to a new state and worked in e-learning for a company with a remote, distributed team. She thought her job was pandemic-proof, but she was laid off in April.

4) A vice president whose job was eliminated.

Natalie’s job at a large organization was eliminated early in the year. She was able to get a severance package, and that gave her several months to decide what to do next and helped her deal with the recent death of her father.

5) A global traveler who needed a new job.

During the year before the pandemic, Aryana had taken off time for self-growth and adventure, including backpacking solo throughout Asia, a visit to New Zealand, and volunteering on an organic farm in Hawaii.

6) A resilient job hunter who didn’t give up.

Cathy was happy in her job at an oil and gas company. Unfortunately, she lost her position due to the pandemic earlier this year. She applied for jobs online through Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. She also reached out to staffing firms.

7) A long-term employee facing a new job market.

Pooja’s position was eliminated at the end of last year after twelve years with the same company. She decided to take a month off to travel alone and recharge. When she got back, she started to network and reignited all personal and professional connections. She focused on applying to jobs, meeting people, getting ideas on what her next role should be, and updating her resume.

Five key recommendations.

I also asked experts to share their recommendations. Sherri Thomas, Career Coach, award-winning author of The Bounce Back — Personal Stories of Bouncing Back Higher After a Layoff, Re-org or Setback and President and Founder of Career Coaching 360, shared her insights.

1) Connect, connect, connect.

Joanna Luth had this to say to job seekers:

2) Be positive and persistent.

Aryana said:

3) Make your resume work for you.

Sherri Thomas recommends that job-seekers be results-focused vs. responsibilities-focused and quantify their results.

4) Be open to new possibilities.

Sherri Thomas advises that this is a great time to consider rebranding yourself:

5) Take care of yourself.

A message that was mentioned over and over was the importance of being kind to yourself.



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