How to Combat Ageism in Your Job Search






  • Does your resume have a more modern font and style? How formally do you communicate in emails if the company you’re applying for is more informal?
  • In a video interview, consider your background (again, relevant for everyone no matter your age!). What do you want your audience to see or feel when they see you? What background would convey that?
  • Most people aren’t interviewing via Zoom with a suit on these days. What types of colors and clothes might make you appear professional but also fit with the vibe and culture of the organization you’re interviewing with? What colors energize you and make you feel confident and youthful? Wear those.
  • What about your LinkedIn photo? If it’s from more than five years ago, does it still look like you? If not, update it. Don’t apologize for the fact that you look older — own it. The more you try to change it, ignore it, or put something out there that hides the real you, the more employers will wonder what else you’re covering up.




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Ellevate Network

A community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed.

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