How to Combat Ageism in Your Job Search


Last year’s annual report was one of my favorite accomplishments. Leading this work, I wanted to mix things up and bring more excitement to the standard report. Instead of compiling the same data, we incorporated stories of our grantees in a new way that resonated with funders. Our CEO received many compliments from funders about how much more engaging the report was, and I personally loved working on it.


Last month, a client was not happy with the latest campaign we had implemented. I immediately got on the phone with them to hear their concerns, and brought in my team to understand the pain points so that we could quickly pivot the strategy and make changes that would get the campaign back on track. For a few weeks, I was in close communication with the client daily as we adjusted the team’s approach. When the campaign launched a few weeks later, the client noted how much they appreciated how fast we were in addressing the issues.


Last year, our executive team got together for multiple days of strategic planning for the next five years. We each came ready with our most important priorities, ready to negotiate for resources. The team had some long, intense debates and discussions about how to allocate resources and where our biggest return on investment might be. Through these discussion, I heard great points from my colleagues. This shifted what I thought were the highest priorities. Part of what I love about being on a great team is the ability to influence each other and come up with the best decision when diverse perspectives are in the room.


Yes! I just read the latest report with research from The Urban Institute about this. I’m hoping more organizations will weigh in on this topic too as this is an ever-evolving issue.

One of my favorite tools is Trello — where would I be without my Trello board to keep me organized?!


The campaign was a huge success — we saw a 20% increase in engagement from alums and the average gift size increased by $2500. We now have a targeted list of 15,000 new donors to cultivate for the next year.



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