How to Answer the “What Are Your Salary Expectations?” Question

1) Start with research.

There are lots of sites out there that can help you figure out what salary ranges in companies and organizations might be.

2) Check in with yourself.

While all the above research can help, at the end of the day, you need to think about what salary level YOU want and need.

  1. Your floor number: What is the number at which you would walk away from the job? This is the bottom and floor of where you’re willing to be.
  2. Your solid number: What salary number would you feel good about?
  3. Your ideal number: What’s the ideal salary you’re looking for?

3) Prep your language.

If you have to share your salary expectations in a cover letter or application, here’s some handy language to use — just drop in the range that you’ve come up with after going through steps one and two above:



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