Grit and Resilience Will Help You Survive Career Challenges

Grit to great.

  • Guts: It all begins with the courage to take on new and tough challenges. Honing your confidence to take on a calculated risk and not waver in the face of adversity. It’s about being daring without being reckless and declaring your intention to triumph, even when it appears daunting.
  • Resilience: Failure happens, but gritty people know how to recover from failure and become stronger. Kaplan Thaler and Koval call this elasticity. It’s what makes you follow the opportunity down the unknown path and it’s your ability to re-route and pivot in order to achieve the end goal.
  • Initiative: Leaders are often judged by their ability to take initiative and action. Skill leveraged with effort leads to achievement. Don’t get stuck in the dream or ideation phase — start doing something that will take you towards the end goal — NOW. Many people get stuck in the visioning phase and don’t activate the plan to move forward.
  • Tenacity: Be relentless about staying focused on the goal. The route to the goal will most likely change, but being industrious and determined is essential. Great accomplishments take time. Malcolm Gladwell’s posit that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any competition, from violin to basketball, has merit. Overnight success is rarely achieved, and the tenacious are prepared for the long and winding road.

Be open to Plan B, C, D and beyond.

Bend like bamboo.

  • Become an over-preparer: Practice, prepare, and think of all the angles so you are ready for the unexpected.
  • Get the gig: Leverage your strengths and muster your confidence to push yourself into exploring uncomfortable opportunities.
  • Go the extra 30 minutes: Identify your most productive time of day and put in an extra 30 minutes during your unique and effective sweet spot time.
  • Stop ideating: And start doing!
  • Get rejected — a lot: You will grow from taking these chances and learn from getting knocked down and surviving. Rejection can be an impetus to working harder than you ever thought possible.

Make your bed.




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Ellevate Network

A community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed.

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