Four Ps for Powerful Communication

By: Diane Streleckis

Breaking through the wall of sound — calls, texts, e-mail, tweets, posts — to get your message heard can be exhausting.

It’s easier and more successful when you put these simple principles into practice. Your message will get through to your intended audience, connect to what they care about, and create trust that triggers action.


Ask yourself a few key questions about who you’re trying to reach:

  • What’s important to them?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What excites or inspires them?

Remember, it’s not about what you want to tell your audience, it’s about what they want and need to hear from you.

People listen when you talk about things that matter to them.

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Resist the urge to multitask when communicating with your audience. Watch out for checking your mobile phone during meetings or reviewing unrelated materials during calls.

Your audience should feel like they’re all that matters to you.


Often, we hesitate before reaching out to people, even when we know they’ll value what we have to share. The first rule in Newton’s laws of motion is that an object will remain at rest until a force is applied to it. You may need to apply some force of will to unlock the energy in your message.

People remember who takes the time to reach out to them when they have a need, rather than waiting until “the time is right.”

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People decide with their hearts and then seek out data to support their decisions, as numerous studies show. Engage hearts by checking in with someone for no other reason than to see how things are or sharing a personal experience you had with a situation.

Showing your own humanity helps others feel comfortable opening up to you — and your message.

Put them all together…

The cacophony of communication will be no match for your message. Focusing on what matters to your audience, at the right time, in a way that shows how much you care, builds a connection that helps you get heard.

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​Diane Streleckis is 20+ year communication professional. She develops content that connects with viewers, focuses on their concerns and interests, and helps them achieve their goals.

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