Five Resume Tips for New Project Managers to Get Noticed

Tip #1: Highlight your project management skills even if you haven’t had a formal PM job title.

Just because you haven’t held a formal project manager job title, doesn’t mean you haven’t used those skills for other positions. Some critical skills you typically see on PM job descriptions are leadership, communication, organization, team/time management, and critical thinking/problem solving. Highlight any projects you’ve been involved in where you’ve used these specific skills.

Tip #2: Include any networking groups, volunteering, or related internships.

Show your interest in the field by including related networking or volunteer groups you’ve been involved in. There are so many opportunities for volunteering or networking within local chapters of project management groups.

Tip #3: Get creative with your career objective.

Try to avoid using the standard PM career objectives seen on some resume templates, such as: “To help a company deliver project objectives on time and within budget” or “To work for a company that will utilize my project management skills.” Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, so they may only have time to glance at the core skill areas and/or summary of qualifications. Be more specific.

Tip #4: Add a link to your blog (or your favorite PM blog, podcast, or book).

A professional blog or any publications you’ve written are a great way to showcase your writing ability, communication style, and thought leadership skills. These are all critical skills for a project manager.

Tip #5: Add relevant certifications or PM courses.

Finally, certifications are extremely valuable for project managers and highly recommended if you do not already have one. Studies have shown that PMs with certifications have higher salaries than those who do not. And many companies require them even for entry-level positions. Here are some project management certifications to consider.



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