Easy Hacks to Beat Zoom Fatigue

Breaks are non-negotiable.

Pre-pandemic, when I was working on a college campus, I would build in walk-time to commute to meetings to assure my timely arrival with a few minutes to spare before the start of a session. I could plan for a bio break, or a chance to fill my water bottle, or maybe even chat with a colleague. Now that we are at home, it’s more important than ever to maintain those breaks.

Mix it up with a phone call.

For my own mental clarity (and sanity) I will often suggest a phone meeting instead of a video call if the meeting is with one person. This gives my eyes a break and allows me to focus on my colleague’s voice so I can give them my full and undivided attention.

Schedule focus time.

My biggest challenge is finding time to do the work when the day becomes a perpetual Zoom meeting. Carve out focus time in your day to flex different intellectual muscles and accomplish things that don’t require a meeting.

Fresh air, movement, and stillness.

Whether it’s a noontime dog walk or a morning mailbox check, I try to get outside for a few minutes several times a day. Breathing fresh air is stimulating, and if it’s a sunny day, a quick dose of Vitamin D helps me recharge.



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