DEIB: Allyship, Sponsorship, and Mentorship

What is allyship?

Allyship involves individuals actively advancing the interests and inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented individuals. The Center of Creative Leadership defines allyship as “the actions, behaviors, and practices that leaders take to support, amplify, and advocate with others, especially with individuals who don’t belong to the same social identity groups as themselves.” Others define an ally as someone who is not a member of an underrepresented group, who is active and purposeful in supporting, promoting, and advancing the interests of people in a marginalized group through a focus on inclusion, equity, and diversity.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship involves using existing influence and networks to make important connections and/or advancements for others and supporting marginalized individuals in accessing the audiences that can advance them. Allies often use sponsorship as a method to elevate those from underrepresented groups.

What is mentorship?

Mentorship focuses on the mentor/mentee relationship and the help that a mentor can provide directly to the mentee. A mentor provides guidance, advice, and feedback. Mentors are experienced and trusted advisors, often a few levels above the mentee and with more tenure in the organization than the mentee. A mentor helps mentees navigate the workplace while bringing their whole self to work each day.



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