Commit to a Business Growth Strategy You Can Believe In

The mish-mash of trial and error.

Most growing companies can’t “boil the ocean” and fund every growth requirement. When business leaders look closely at how they’ve spent marketing dollars, they acknowledge the “random acts of marketing” that were supposed to drive growth: a disjointed set of one-off tactics that spread budgets too thin to make an impact, and sometimes focus on activities that don’t even map back to the most important business objectives.

  1. How much?
  2. On what?
  3. When?

It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the jar.

Concentration, honesty, and a bit of tough love can help us move from trying to do everything, into a discrete course of action. It’s much easier to ignore or wish away the weak links in our plans. Uncovering gaps takes courage to face what’s missing in your service, on your team, or in your P&L that stands in the way of success. Which can be addressed easily, and which are inevitably insurmountable?

Like a good bourbon, good strategies are distilled.

When you commit to a set of priorities, you just know you’re leaving some aspects of your business unattended for now. That is hard. No two ways about it. It can feel like choosing one of your children over the other, for goodness’ sake.

Budget is the main course, not the surprise dessert.

Since the main struggle around marketing is, “How much should we spend?” it’s amazing how often in the strategy and planning process, budgeting comes last.

An end to the guesswork.

The advent of data as a decision-driver in marketing has led many to believe we can create strategies and plans based on hard numbers, trends, and quantifiable information. And that’s partly true. We can now inform marketing decisions with data, for sure — and we can measure the efficacy of our marketing decisions with data, uh-huh.



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