Be Your Own Valentine: Love Who You Are

Say “I love you” to yourself.

Declaring your love for another is the ultimate confirmation of affection — but have you ever said “I love you!” to yourself? Loving yourself is essential to boost self-confidence and self-acceptance and you deserve to love yourself just as you give your love to others.

Heighten your senses.

In a time-starved world with the constant struggle of integrating the personal and professional, we often miss the joy of our senses. Taste, smell, and enjoy the look of your food, for example. If you are wolfing down your lunch at your desk, you are not loving and honoring yourself, or your food.

Embrace failure.

I believe in the power of failure. I have learned to fail forward, fast, and often, and I embrace change and see risk taking as a new opportunity ready to be discovered. Give yourself permission to fail. Love yourself for trying new things and expanding your comfort zone. If it doesn’t work out — move in a different direction. Self-forgiveness opens up room for gratitude, growth, and love.

Define yourself by your potential.

Many practice self-loathing because they undervalue their efforts and only focus on achievement. Love yourself for trying and celebrate your determination, not just your results.

Advocate for yourself.

As an executive coach, I witness many who will go to bat for others. I see professionals who sing the praises of their colleagues, yet they often lack the ability to promote or advocate for themselves.

Write a love note to yourself.

My husband often leaves me little notes with loving and humorous sentiments. I cherish these and save them in a box. I know parents who send their kids to school with a pick me up message in a lunch box.

Do something for yourself.

It’s common to spend much of your time caring and doing for others — both at home and at work. A dear friend just lost her spouse after his multi-year battle with a terminal illness. She has been a caregiver for years and is struggling with creating her new identity and the opportunity to focus on herself since she had prioritized her husband and her kids for so long.

Do what you love.

Bad jobs, bad bosses, and bad organizations happen, but suffering is optional. Develop a plan to find your bliss vocationally in your career, and avocationally in your hobbies and free time.



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