About to Quit Your Job? Six Smart Things to Do

1) Plan your last day strategically.

It can be tempting to leave your job as soon as possible, especially if you’re leaving a negative work environment, but you should think strategically about when to schedule your last day.

2) Understand your benefits.

Every workplace is different, but it’s a good idea to understand how your benefits work before giving notice. Does your 401k match only vest if you’re there a certain amount of time? How much will COBRA-ing your health plan cost? You’ll also want to know how and when to expect your vacation or other personal time accrued to cash out.

3) Plan the meeting where you give notice.

What day and time of the week will you give notice? Will you give notice in-person to your boss? If you work remotely, will you be able to have a virtual call? It’s ideal to give notice in-person — or at least virtually if in-person isn’t possible.

4) Plan the conversation where you give notice.

Next you’ll want to think about how to communicate the news. It’s important to mind your emotions in that conversation.

5) Put yourself in your team’s shoes.

It shows real professionalism when you show your team you’re committed to a seamless transition. We all appreciate when others anticipate our needs.

6) Think about the future.

Again, it may be tempting to think there’s nothing from this experience that will be helpful in the future, but professional circles and industries are small.



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