By: Suzanne Weller

Over the past few weeks, one of my morning rituals has changed: I’ve found myself going into my closet and selecting clothes that I haven’t worn for a year. The sweatpants and leggings are losing their gravitational pull, despite the comfort they’ve given me (and will continue to on the days I need them). The pattern of reaching into drawers and pulling out cozy fleece has lost its appeal. Yes, the seasons are changing, but it’s time for some variety.

Falling into patterns can be reassuring, giving us the ease of predictability. But maybe you’re moving beyond…

By: Chelle Hartzer

I am one month away from a big anniversary and that has been bringing up way more emotions than I thought it would. I’m not a super “feely” person, I’m more analytical and logical. But this one is really getting to me.

Almost one year ago, I was fired from my job. I’m not going to sugar-coat it and say I was “let go” or that I had been “laid off” or even that I “lost” my job. My boss fired me.

The pandemic had just hit hard (it was the beginning of May) and many people…

By: Rachel Mehta

Projects begin with the best intentions, yet work can quickly derail. How can expectations be communicated clearly and boundaries set with clients, while also paving the way for future work and referrals?

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Project yourself as a professional.

From initial phone call to project kickoff call and communications in between, take the lead and send calendar invitations, don’t act or speak casually, and treat the relationship you’re forming as what it is: a formal business arrangement. …

By: Leigh Sauter

It’s happening: Vaccines are becoming more available, schools are tentatively re-opening (in my area, at least), and I’m being bombarded with articles about the “new normal.” This is what we’ve all been waiting for, right? So why, now that it’s here, does it feel so overwhelming?

Well, the daffodils are blooming, which signals to working parents that it’s time to plan for summer childcare. After opting to use the TV as a 45-hour a week babysitter last year during the Summer of Fear, I have already forgotten how painful the expense of summer care can be. …

By: Aris Roberts-Kelly

You have set the meeting agenda, your team attended a trivia game on Zoom yesterday, and you have even sent out some fun prizes and asked everyone how they are doing. But you are halfway into your team meeting and everyone is yawning and can’t seem to concentrate.

What’s going on?

Many of the things that worked pre-pandemic and in-person do not currently have the same effect in Zoom meetings, and it can be so frustrating to try the same solutions and get a different result.

The fact is, every one of us has been impacted by the pandemic or…

By: Emma K. Viglucci

It is not uncommon for us to become so tunnel visioned in our experience that we miss the forest for the trees. We focus on what’s not working, how we’ve been wronged, what we don’t like, how much we have to do, and all the miseries of life. We tend to overwork, to neglect ourselves and our loved ones.

We are far from living our best life and creating our best relationship. We can focus and work differently instead. And we can implement pleasure and delight habits.

Why pleasure and delight habits? Great question. As I’ve…

By: Ahlia Kitwana

What is a professional pitch? It’s an answer you give to the question, “So what do you do?” or, “Tell me about yourself.”

A professional pitch is a short, sweet sales message so compelling that once you’ve finished whoever you’re talking to likes you enough to hire you, fund you, or connect you to a colleague, etc.

An elevator pitch is often part of the first impression people have of us and should reflect our personal brand. Yet the elevator pitch is often a place where we stumble and miss out on the impression we could be…

By: Jamie Martin





Are these words you can relate to lately?

You’ve noticed more and more moments where you just can’t seem to get going on your to-do list. You sit in front of your computer and it just won’t come into focus. You can’t seem to get moving on anything that you need to do. You can’t even seem to get moving on the things you want to do.

You’ve found yourself in a funk.

Welcome to the club!

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More and more of…

By: Angela Gillespie

The deluge of national headlines surrounding the pandemic’s calamitous toll on women — especially BIPOC women and moms — are sobering, stomach-churning, and downright maddening, yet necessary for us to collectively understand the magnitude of the problem and take swift action to solve it.

Since last March, women have taken it on the nose, with many of us catapulted into a multitude of new roles, serving as teacher, nanny, camp director, short-order cook, IT guru, nurse, you name it — all while simultaneously holding down full-time, paying jobs.

Millions of women have had to make that “forced”…

By: Emma Viglucci

Spring is almost here. Yay! Do you know what that means? It means it’s time to get ready for new beginnings.

As everything in nature will slowly be coming back to life and starting anew, so can we. We can take this opportunity to come alive, to engage more with our life, to create new beginnings, to reset, to recharge. We can start anew in any area of our life we choose. The best way to start anew is with a good detox and spring clean!

We can’t build on rubble. We have to clear the site…

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