By: Caroline Dowd-Higgins

This week, three people I know well left solid careers they had been in for multiple years for another opportunity that honored their values. The global pandemic wreaked havoc in many ways, but it also gave people the chance to deeply consider what matters. Values are the greatest predictor of career satisfaction, and the ongoing pandemic journey has caused a values-shift for many.

The Great Resignation is real, and people are quitting in record numbers. Couple that with a national labor shortage and the world of work is being seriously tested. Besides the obvious financial and integrity…

By: Caroline Dowd-Higgins

It had been eighteen months since I took a true vacation and left my house to travel for an extended period. Sure, I took all my PTO in 2020, but the time off was not the same due to the pandemic. This summer, I visited my family on the east coast, whom I had not seen in-person since December of 2019. The family hugs were filled with happy tears, and I finally met my newest nephew who was born a month before COVID quarantine restrictions over a year ago.

As a career and leadership coach, I preach…

By: Pichi Bellingrath McClure

There’s a reason why they say that slow and steady wins the race.

The idea is to overcome obstacles so you can become a winner and — ultimately — a champion. You’ve probably heard of Aesop’s fable of The Tortoise and the Hare.

Aesop’s fable is an important reminder of something that might not initially seem obvious. The hare didn’t lose the race because of the tortoise: He lost the race because of himself. He was defeated by his own arrogance and self-confidence.

Of course, you could also argue that he was defeated by the tortoise’s…

By: Miranda Steele

Sleeping easy has never been harder. How to balance your work stress when you can’t turn it off.

A number of years ago, I set out on a business trip to support a senior leader who I admired very much. We were heading on an extended trip where I’d write his remarks for a wide variety of engagements and audiences, partner with his admin on his outrageous schedule, and generally run interference on the gamut of things that came his way. I knew it would be a grueling few weeks, but I felt up to the challenge, and excited for the opportunity.

We waited out a delayed flight in the airport lounge, and battery power…

By: Kristina Durante

This article was inspired by my teenage son and daughter, and the unprecedented courage of young public figures who also made recent decisions to take care of themselves before pleasing others.

We have a mental health crisis. It is becoming increasingly difficult to live in our modern world without mental illness — particularly for young adults — because of a social adaptation gone awry.

All of us are walking around with brains designed to solve problems that existed thousands of years ago. None of us have brains fit to solve problems in this modern, digital world. …

By: Michelle M. Campbell

Are you struggling to start a project? Or are you deep in the midst of that project that continues to haunt you — the end frustratingly out of reach?

In my work as a project manager I have learned certain tactics for goals that I have personally used. These are tactics that heighten the chance that you can achieve that seemingly unreachable goal without going completely insane.

You will be relieved to know it is not your fault. The truth is our brain’s default is to do what it has always done. Without routine, the brain…

By: Leigh Sauter

Summer is here, invitations are flowing in, and the Fresh Start Effect (a term coined by Katy Milkman in her research and detailed in her new book How to Change) is in full swing for me. My quest for a post-COVID Fresh Start includes personal goals like:

The conventional wisdom I’ve gathered to help me achieve all of my goals all say similar things — make a plan, and stick to it. Banish distractions…

By: Caroline Dowd-Higgins

As a career and leadership coach, I work with many individuals who are stalled or stuck in a stagnant routine of life and career that zaps energy and enthusiasm.

A simple exercise can transform your world. Keep & Stop helps you clarify and define what’s important to you on a personal and/or professional level.

The Keep & Stop reflection will help you unpack what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to make your life uniquely better.

I featured Leidy Klotz, author or Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less, on my Your Working Life podcast. He shared:

By: Sarita Parikh and Maggie Knoke

Sarita Parikh and Maggie Knoke sat down in May with about a dozen corporate women to understand, from the lens of work life, what a year of remote work and pandemic life meant, professionally.

What was a surprise? What wisdom did they gain?

The event was hosted by the Ellevate Network, which tends to attract smart, earnest, and consistently kick-ass women, and we learned a lot.

As always, some parts were heartwarming and other parts were infuriating (and a bunch in between). The stories grouped into four common themes:

  1. What people learned to ditch…

By: Jamie Martin

It’s ready for you. Create space for it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about space. I saw the above quote a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where I saw it or who said it (if you know, please let me know so I can give them credit), but it struck a chord for me.

How can what I want to be in my life show up if there is no space for it?

[Related: Three Coping Methods to Ease Work-Related Stress and Restore Energy]

And with everything opening up again, there’s a race to fill up…

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