By: Suzanne Weller

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On your path as a leader, hurdles present themselves regularly, sometimes daily — whether they’re managing team performance, responding to market changes, the pushback you experience in moving your business forward, or the challenge of spending your time where you can make the most impact.

Whether the size of a speed bump or a barricade, each gives you the opportunity to pull over, take a look around you, and see if the road you’re on allows you to lean into the effective leader you want to be.

And as you pour over a map trying to find…

By: Jamie Martin

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Each day you are faced with a million different choices. What will you have for breakfast? What will you wear for work? What do you want to tackle first at work? What do you want to be when you grow up?

All of these choices — big and small — are what create your life.

Think about that for a moment. Each choice creates your life.

Are you choosing the life you want? Or choosing to allow other people’s priorities to rule your day?

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You might be able to quickly…

By: Kathy Bleier

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The first time I drove stick-shift was a mess. It was dark out, I was exhausted from a long flight, and the airport car rental attendant was tapping her pen on the counter as she finished my paperwork. It was making me nervous — I was already so nervous.

“You can do this, Kathy,” I said to myself. “It can’t be that hard.”

I got behind the wheel and started to make my way out of the parking garage. The car would choke loudly as I shifted rather recklessly. Finally, nothing. I couldn’t understand why the car…

By: Audrey Hametner

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Managing governance and risk may sound like a big corporation problem, a “nice to have” if you have the budget or people to work on it. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with access to fewer resources and who experience constant cash flow headaches, have a much better chance of survival and easier scalability, if their governance structures are strong and operational procedures are well documented from the onset.

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What is governance and risk management?

Cutting through the jargon, governance and risk management…

By: Catherine Jewell

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As women, we are blessed with a fine-tuned sense of intuition. Have you ever been thinking about someone, and that person called you, at that moment? Have you ever said to yourself, “I need new black slacks?” In the next few days, you not only see a great black pair of slacks, but they are on sale, at your favorite store?

Intuitive “hits” are actually the act of noticing coincidences and serendipity in our lives. With a little focus, you can turn your “women’s intuition” into a powerful career and life tool.

At a subconscious level, your…

By: Christine Arylo

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Women feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and over-stretched, pressured to do more with less — less time, support, and resources — is not a new phenomenon. It’s been true since women entered the workforce more fully over 50 years ago.

So why are our levels of emotional and mental stress and physical disease getting worse, not better? And why are the signs of stress showing up so much earlier in our children than was ever true for us?

Before the pandemic, most women were already stretched too thin. Add in the stress of home schooling, a chaotic world…

By: Kristy Wallace

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Squads is the game changer pushing me forward during these hard times.

I was part of my first Squad this past year.

I hadn’t signed up before because I thought I didn’t have the time… I thought I didn’t have anything to talk about…

I didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of a group of peers.

I was afraid of how uncomfortable it would be.

I was struggling to manage it all. Caring for three young children, supporting a team deeply impacted by what was happening in the world, speaking up for a community that was…

By: Patricia Roberts

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, many adults are looking for gifts for the children they love. Whether a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend, finding just the right gift for a child so soon after the December holidays can be challenging. Rather than adding yet another stuffed animal or toy to their growing collection or giving a Valentine-themed article of clothing that may be quickly outgrown, gift givers may prefer a more meaningful option that the children they love can benefit from for years to come.

There’s one gift in particular…

Whether you’re a new hire, a people manager, or an existing team member trying to connect, face-to-face connections have never been more important — or more complicated.

By: Miranda Steele

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You’ve never met your colleagues. You have no idea how tall they are, how loudly they speak on the phone, or whether they rhythmically tap their pen on their desk when they are thinking. In another time, you’d compare packed lunches and get to know each other’s coffee orders. You’d debrief on meetings in hushed tones, and have friendly hallway check-ins. …

By: Dianne Bungay-Dean

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I was out one morning when I received a notification on my phone that my Roomba, an autonomous robotic vacuum, was stuck in one place while vacuuming and needed to be moved. I like my home devices linked to my phone so I can control them remotely — except when it’s stuck like this.

I texted my husband, who was working from home, to look for it and free it. He responded that he had already taken care of it:

Yes, I heard her when she made a sound.

Her? She? A robotic vacuum cleaner is a…

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