4 Tips for Managers in a Hybrid World

1) Ask your team members how they like to be managed.

2) Regularly meet with those you manage in a meaningful way.

3) Make feedback future-oriented.

The presentation is a bit sloppy and we need more specific data and analytics in here.

This presentation needs work. I want the Board to see all the great info you’ve collected but it’s currently got a lot of typos and formatting errors. What data and analytics do you think the Board will want to see next month? What would you change for the second draft?

4) Bring career goals into the conversation.

Where do you see yourself in five years? What key skills or experiences do you think will be necessary to build to achieve your professional (or personal) goals? What areas do you want more coaching on and what would that look like for you?

I need you to take the lead on this deck for the client. You’ll need to do X, Y and Z.

How do you feel about taking the lead on this deck for the client? I think it would give you the opportunity to flex those presentation and influencing muscles you’ve talked about wanting to strengthen. I think this would add to your portfolio for future client-facing work.



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