3 Ways to Holistically Support Your Teens’ and Tweens’ Health and Well-Being Post-COVID

1) Encourage a morning routine.

Do you remember when your tween was a baby, and it was impressed upon us mothers to establish a sleep and feeding routine? The human body craves healthy routine.

2) Establish family dinner time without distractions.

Family dinners seem almost quaint in the post COVID world. We perhaps had too much “family time” during COVID and the family dinner dissolved along with other routines and habits. In some cases, the family dinner may have never feasible with the busy schedules of parents and kids. As simple as it sounds, establishing a family dinner ritual can have profound effects on your child’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

3) Prioritize sleep.

Children need their sleep, particularly teens and tweens. These are high growth years, and sleep is the time when the body heals, repairs, regenerates, and grows. Teaching our children to prioritize sleep is a gift of a lifetime.



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